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Philosophy Department
Bowling Green State University


Areas of Specialization: Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Religion, History of Political Philosophy & Economy
Research Topics: Public Reason, Trust & Polarization, Religion & Politics, Economic Justice

Academic Appointments

2016 –   Associate Professor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University
2012-2016   Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Bowling Green State University
2011-2012   Postdoctoral Associate, Political Theory Project, Brown University


2011   Ph.D. University of Arizona, Philosophy
2004   B.A. Washington University in St. Louis, Philosophy (Economics minor), cum laude


Religious Freedom, Routledge, contract pending.

Trust in a Polarized Age, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Must Politics Be War? Restoring Our Trust in the Open Society, Oxford University Press, 2019.

Liberal Politics and Public Faith: Beyond Separation, Routledge, 2014.

Edited Volumes

Social Trust (Vallier & Weber), Routledge, 2021.

A New Theist Response to the New Atheists (Vallier & Rasmussen), Routledge, 2020.

Religious Exemptions (Vallier & Weber), Oxford University Press, 2018.

Political Utopias: Contemporary Debates (Vallier & Weber), Oxford University Press, 2017.

 Journal Articles

  1. “Christian Reconciliation through the Public Use of Reason,” Social Theory and Practice, forthcoming.
  2. “Associations in Social Contract Theory: Toward a Pluralist Contractarianism,” Political Studies, 2020, forthcoming.
  3. “An Overlapping Consensus is Sufficient for Collective Autonomy,” Philosophy and Public Issues, 2020, forthcoming.
  4. “In Defense of Idealization in Public Reason,” 2020, Erkenntnis, forthcoming.
  5. “Containing Ideological Rent-Seekers: Expanding the Reach of Buchanan’s Constitutionalism,” Homo Oeconomicus, 2019, 36(1-2): 71-85.
  6. “The Duties of Officials in a Minimally Secular State,” 2019, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 2019, 36(5): 695-701.
  7. “Pluralistic Partisanship,” 2019, Res Publica, 25(4): 487-496.
  8. “Hayekian Social Justice,” 2019, The Independent Review, 24(1): 100-110.
  9. “Political Liberalism and the Radical Consequences of Justice Pluralism,” 2019, Journal of Social Philosophy, 50(2): 212-231.
  10. “Rawls, Piketty, and the Critique of the Welfare State,” 2019, Journal of Politics, 81(1): 142-152.
  11. “Exit, Voice, and Public Reason,” 2018, American Political Science Review, 112(4): 1120-1124.
  12. “Political Stability in the Open Society,” 2018, (Thrasher & Vallier), American Journal of Political Science, 62(2): 398-409.
  13. “Constitutional Choice Renewed: A Synthesis of Public Reason and Public Choice Approaches,” 2018, Constitutional Political Economy, 29(2): 115-136.
  14. “Public Reason in the Open Society,” 2018, Cosmos & Taxis, 5(2): 38-46.
  15. “Three Concepts of Political Stability,” 2017, Social Philosophy & Policy, 34(1): 232-259.
  16. “On Jonathan Quong’s Sectarian Political Liberalism,” 2017, Criminal Law & Philosophy, 11: 175-94.
  17. “Second Person Rules: An Alternative Approach to Second-Personal Normativity,” 2017, Res Publica, 23(1): 23-42.
  18. “On the Inevitability of Nudging,” 2016, Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy, 14: 817-828.
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  23. “The Moral Basis of Religious Exemptions,” 2016, Law & Philosophy 35(1): 1-28.
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  27. “A Moral and Economic Critique of the New Property-owning Democrats: On Behalf of a Rawlsian Welfare State,” 2015, Philosophical Studies 172(2): 283-304.
  28. “On Distinguishing Publicly Justified Polities from Modus Vivendi Regimes,” 2015, Social Theory & Practice 41(2): 207-229.
  29. “The Origin and Future of Political Liberalism,” 2014, Journal of Moral Philosophy 11: 1-18.
  30. “The Normative Significance of Conscience: A Contractualist Account,” 2013, (Swan & Vallier), Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy 6(3): 1-21.
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  33. “Morality and Aspiration in Bourgeois Dignity,” 2012, Journal of Socio-Economics 41(6): 776-782.
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  36. “Against Public Reason’s Accessibility Requirement,” 2011, Journal of Moral Philosophy 8(3): 366-389.
  37. “Production, Distribution and J.S. Mill,” 2010, Utilitas 22(2): 103-125.
  38. “The Roles of Religious Conviction in a Publicly Justified Polity: The Implications of Convergence, Asymmetry and Political Institutions,” 2009, (Gaus & Vallier), Philosophy & Social Criticism 35(1): 51-76.

Chapters in Companions/Edited Volumes

2021    “In Defense of Yeshiva Autonomy,” Education and Religious Liberty, edited by Jay Greene and Jason Bedrick, Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, forthcoming.

2020    “Christian Anarchism,” (Underwood and Vallier), The Routledge Companion to Anarchism, edited by Gary Chartier and Chad Van Scheolandt, London: Routledge, forthcoming.

2017    “The Moral Basis of Religious Disestablishment,” in Religion and Liberal Political Philosophy, edited by Cecile Laborde and Aurelia Bardon, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 103-117.

2013    “Religion in Public Life,” (Eberle & Vallier), The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy, edited by Gerald Gaus and Fred D’Agostino, London: Routledge, 800-811.

2012    “Public Discourse,” Philosophy and Politics: Method, Tools, Topics, edited by Antonella Besussi, Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, 100-115.

Policy Papers 

2018    “Social and Political Trust: Concepts, Causes, and Consequences,” Knight Foundation, <>.

Book Reviews

2020    Nelson Tebbe, Religious Freedom in an Egalitarian Age, Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming.

2018    John Corvino, Ryan T. Anderson, and Sherif Girgis, Debating Religious Liberty and Discrimination, Faith & Philosophy, Faith & Philosophy 35(4): 491-497.

2014    Andrew Lister, Public Reason and Political Community, Notre Dame Review of Books, November 4th. <>.

2014    Nicholas Wolterstorff, Understanding Liberal Democracy, Faith & Philosophy 31(3): 345-348.

2014    Samuel Fleischaker, Divine Teaching and the Way of the World: A Defense of Revealed Religion, Mind 123: 207-210.

2012    Nicholas Southwood, Contractualism and the Foundations of Morality, Notre Dame Review of Books, Gary and Anastasia Friel Gutting, editors, published October 14th, 2012. <>.

2010    Thomas Scanlon, Moral Dimensions: Permissibility, Meaning, Blame, The Journal of Value Inquiry 44: 561-565. 

Encyclopedia Entries

2018    Entry on “Public Justification,” The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward N. Zalta, updated on March 1st, 2018, <>.

2017    “Religion and Politics,” The Routledge Handbook of Libertarianism, edited by Jason Brennan, Bas van der Vossen, and David Schmidtz, Routledge.

2015    “Liberalism,” Vocabulary for the Study of Religion, edited by Robert Segal and Kocku von Stuckrad. Brill Press.

2014    Entries on “Liberty of Conscience,” “Martin Luther King,” and “Public Choice Theory,” The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon, edited by Jon Mandle and David Reidy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Papers on Review 

“Public Reason Paradigms.” (w/Muldoon)

“Political Trust.”


“Individuation in Public Reason.” (w/Manning)

“Process Democracy.”


2020   Philosophy of Religion, Spring – PHIL 3170

2019    Philosophy of Religion, Spring – PHIL 3170

2019    The Methods of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Spring – PPEL 3100

2018    History of Political Economy, Fall – PPEL 3000/PHIL 3400

2018    History of Political Philosophy, Spring – PHIL 6220

2018    The Methods of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Spring – PPEL 3100

2017    History of Political Economy, Fall – PPEL 3000/PHIL 3400

2017    Philosophy of Religion, Summer – PHIL 3170

2017    The Methods of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Spring – PPEL 3100

2016    History of Political Economy, Fall – PPEL 3000/PHIL 3400

2016    Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Fall – PPEL/PHIL 2240

2016    Philosophy of Religion, Summer – PHIL 3170

2016    Introduction to Ethics, Summer – PHIL 1020

2016    Public Reason, Spring – PHIL 7800

2015    Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, Fall – PHIL 2240

2015    Philosophy of Religion, Summer – PHIL 3170

2015    Introduction to Ethics, Summer – PHIL 1020

2015    Methods in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Spring – PHIL 7800

2015    Special Topics in Political Philosophy, Spring – PHIL 4200

2014    Deliberative Democracy: New Directions, Fall – PHIL 7800

2014    Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, Fall – PHIL 2240

2014    Philosophy of Religion, Summer – PHIL 3170

2014    Introduction to Ethics, Summer – PHIL 1020

2014    Ideal and Non-ideal Theory, Spring – PHIL 7800

2014    Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy, Spring – PHIL 2240

2014    Philosophy of Religion, Spring – PHIL3170

2013    Introduction to Ethics, Fall – PHIL 1020

2013    Social and Political Philosophy, Fall – PHIL 3120

2013    Philosophy of Religion, Summer – PHIL 3170

2013    History of Political Philosophy, Spring – PHIL 6220

2013    Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, Spring – PHIL 2240

2012    Philosophy of Religion, Fall – PHIL 3170

2012    Public Reason, Fall – PHIL 7800

2012    Philosophy of Religion, Summer – PHIL 3170 

At Brown University:

2011    Prosperity and Poverty, Fall – POLS 1150

2011    Economic Freedom and Social Justice, Fall – POLS 2230 (with John Tomasi)

Professional Service

2014-   Director, BGSU Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law (PPEL) Program.

2018    Director, Social Trust, BGSU Philosophy Conference.

2017-   Editorial Board, Public Affairs Quarterly.

2015    Director, The Scope of Religious Exemptions, BGSU Philosophy Conference.

2015    Guest Ed., Review of Austrian Economics, “Hayekian Themes in The Order of Public Reason.”

2014    Director, Political Utopia: Promise or Peril?, BGSU Philosophy Conference.

2012    Guest Ed., Public Affairs Quarterly, 25(4), “Convergence Justifications in Public Reason.”

Occasional Referee for: Ethics; American Political Science Review; American Journal of Political Science; Ethical Theory & Moral Practice; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; Political Studies; Theoria; Res Publica; Philosophers’ Imprint; Social Theory & Practice; Journal of Political Philosophy; Australasian Journal of Philosophy; Philosophical Quarterly; Journal of Politics.


Gerald Gaus
James E. Rogers Professor of Philosophy
University of Arizona

Nicholas Wolterstorff
Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology, Emeritus.
Yale University

Charles Larmore
Duncan MacMillan Family Professor in the Humanities
Brown University

Mark Murphy
McDevitt Chair of Religious Philosophy
Georgetown University

Robert Talisse
Alton Jones Professor of Philosophy
Department Chair
Vanderbilt University

Andrew Koppelman
John Paul Stevens Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science
Northwestern University

Michael Munger
Professor of Political Science, Economics, and Public Policy
Duke University

Paul Weithman
Glynn Family Honors Collegiate
Professor of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame

John Tomasi
Romeo Elton Professor of Natural Philosophy
Brown University

Christopher J. Eberle
Professor of Philosophy
United States Naval Academy

Steven Wall
Professor of Philosophy
University of Arizona