I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Bowling Green State University. My main areas of work are within political philosophy and ethics, though I have strong interests in philosophy of religion and political economy (PPE).

My current research focuses on various facets of the public reason liberal political tradition. One of my main areas of focus is the proper place of religious commitment in liberal politics. The friends and enemies of liberalism both often claim that liberalism is hostile to religious contributions to public life. An animating theme in my work is that this claim is deeply mistaken. I have written a book on the matter entitled Liberal Politics and Public Faith: Beyond Separation, published with Routledge.

My next project focuses on the question of the foundations of public reason liberalism and specifically how to identify a constitution appropriate for a publicly justified polity of persons who can socially trust one another to follow shared social rules. This project combines my interest in public reason with some of my interests in political economy. The book, titled Must Politics Be War? In Defense of Public Reason Liberalism, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press in 2018. You can read a draft of the manuscript here.

From here, you can learn more about me, view my CV or read a few of my publications or learn more about my book. Feel free to email me. I’m easy to reach at kevinvallier-at-gmail-dot-com. You can follow me on academia.edu here, Google Scholar here, and SSRN here.